Frozen \ Hung Console - VMware vSphere 5.1 - Horizon View 5.2

Ran across an interesting issue this week and thought I would share the solution since I was not able to easily find anything via Google.Shout out to @thombrown for helping me figure this one out.

Basically, what would happen was that on one specific pool, if a user was logged in via PCOIP to a view desktop, the console on in vSphere would appear frozen at a login screen or at the legal disclaimer. This was frustrating for the customer because the vSphere console was what they were using to shadow user sessions. The admin could move their mouse around in the console window and the mouse would move on the users session, but they could not get the video responding properly, it was hung completely from a video perspective. Here are the steps I used to resolve:

  1. Upgrade the base VMs hardware version to vmx9
  2. Boot the base VM and make sure everything is good to go as far as it needing reboots or drivers (ours did not but good to check anyhow)
  3. Shut the VM down
  4. Take a new snap of the base VM
  5. Recompose the effected pool or pools
  6. Log in and test

That's it! Everyone loves an easy fix :)