Q3 Wrap Up - Life is a whirlwind

Those of you that read this blog with any sort of frequency probably realize that I tend to produce more install/configure or break/fix type posts than anything else. This post is a departure from that paradigm, at least for a little while. Life has been crazy lately, so let's have a recap! Following PEX in February, I announced in this post that I was going to take on a VCDX and that's pretty much where I left it. Since then, lots has changed, here's an abridged list:

Suffice it to say, things have been busy, really busy, and it doesn't look like they are slowing down. My National Guard unit is mobilizing and it looks like I will be going with them. As always, Varrow is going above and beyond with regards to accommodating me through the process and I know that I am going to be coming back to an awesome job and an great group of people in a year or so. In the interim I am going to tie up loose ends around work and prepare for the transition. Hopefully I will be defending VCDX in October while on leave from the Army. So in no particular order are some of my goals while I am away with the Army.

  • Be an outstanding Army Officer - I've never been mobilized and this mission is going to require planning, intelligence, and flexibility, hoping I am up to the task.

  • Get my VCDX - The closer I get the more real it becomes. Hoping that the defense goes well and I knock this one out. Hit me up @vDingus if you are interested in mocks.

  • Stay in touch with the community - This mobilization might actually afford me more opportunity to blog more, maybe even do a Pluralsight course the intent is to stay hooked into the community despite being away from home. Maybe I will do an EMEA #vBrownBag.

  • Get some other certs - looks like some potential for a testing center near our location, so perhaps I will be able to get CISSP / CCNP R&S since they relate to my Army role.

That pretty much covers it, life is a whirlwind and will continue to be I feel like there is a lot of opportunity coming for me in the future. Right now the plan is to make the best out of every moment I have at my disposal. As always, thank you for reading, and please comment or hit me on twitter if you want to talk more.