Increasing Citrix StoreFront 1.2 Session Timeouts

I got a request the other day to increase the session timeout for our CloudGateway environment. A lot of people are just lugging around tablets with them rather than laptops and are primarily using CloudGateway to facilitate the use of any Windows or SaaS apps they might need to access. One thing that has turned out to be inconvenient for them is having to log back in every hour. Our company is small and tight knit as well as full of people who are pretty proficient when it comes to technology, so we decided to just dial it up to the point where they would only have to log in once per day. Here's how that's done:

First, you need to log onto the storefront server and make the following modifications:


Modify this element:

Obviously if your timeout is going to be less than 8 hours, no need to make any changes. In my environment I changed it to 12:00:00.

also, modify this element:

This one is in minutes, so for my purposes I changed it to "720".



Change allĀ maxLifetime="" attributes to the duration you desire. There are 3 elements that have the attribute defaulted to 1:00:00 and one that has it defaulted to 20:00:00. In my environment I changed all 1:00:00 values to 12:00:00.

Once this is all done, you need to open up a command prompt and run iisreset in order to get IIS to reread the web.config files. This will take down storefront for a little while, and reset all current user sessions, so you have been warned.

Lastly, if you are using a NetScaler, you will need to change the Global Session Timeout located at Access Gateway => Global Settings => Change Global Settings => Client Experience => Session Time-out (mins). I changed mine to 720, there is a screenshot below for you to reference:

That should do it! Please feel free to reach out to me here or on Twitter if you have any questions.