Cables and Kits - Truly Experts in Awesome

So I ordered a few rackmount kits from yesterday, and just for fun I included this in the notes:

Here's what came in the mail today (I didn't even pay for expedited shipping):

Aside from the fact that this is hilarious, it's a straight up brilliant business move, these guys got 3 posts from my company on their facebook page praising them, and I've now blogged and tweeted about it. All for what? 5 minutes doodling on a box? On top of the hilarity, I now know that these guys are paying attention and listening to what I as a customer have to say, even if it's a tiny irrelevant request on an order that cost less than $100. A little bit of attention to detail, some lighthearted fun, great customer focus, and bam you just got yourself a reputation boost within your primary market segment. Great company culture inherently leads to great things for your company.

Cables and Kits - you guys rock, keep having fun!